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Valdosta Manufacturers Cup Final
Brock's BMW S1000RR Drag Bike

Join the "perfect storm" of BMW activities at this year's Manufacturers Cup Final at Valdosta, GA. This is your chance to not only witness one of the largest drag bike racing events but to be amongst multiple BMW race teams and stunt riding events at Southern Georgia Motorsports Park on November 12-14.

Teams Participating:

  • Brock's Performance and their BMW S 1000 RR Drag Bike Team..
  • Morton BMW's S 1000 RR Drag Bike Team. .
  • BMW Performance Center's new S 1000 RR Drag Bike.
  • BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta and BMW Racer Nate Kern.
  • BMW Streetbike Freestyle shows on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
  • And don't miss BMW Stunt Rider Chris "Teach" McNeil's awesome tricks on the S 1000 RR at this year's Manufacturers Cup Final.

More info.

Brock's BMW S1000RR Drag Bike Video

Brock's BMW S1000RR Drag Bike You Tube Video

BMW S1000RR Superbike Breaks the 200MPH Barrier
BMW S1000RR Superbike at Hockenheim

The BMW S1000RR has reinvented the modern sport bike and has set a new benchmark for others to follow. It's not only the most technologically advanced sport bike, but also the most powerful and fastest production bike in the world.

Recently 3 teams on two continents have broken the 200 miles per hour (321 kph) barrier on the S 1000 RR and one team KWS/Pit Bull set a new top speed record of 203.62452 mph at Maxton, NC.

Pit Bull and KWS Motorsports: These two teams joined forces to break the ECTA top speed 1000cc production record (202.06505 mph P/P) and the 1000cc modified production (203.62452 mph MPS/G) record with rider Chad Millholland. The standing mile top speed competition is sanctioned by the East Coast Timing Association at the abandoned World War II airfield near Maxton, NC and the 1000cc Production (P/P) and Modified (MPS/G) are two of their most hotly contested classes.

Brock's Performance: Also at the Maxton, Brock Davidson's S 1000 RR piloted by Zack Millholland achieved over 200 mph. "Our 200.23 mph BMW used all OEM stock engine and chassis components," says Brock.

Performance Bikes Magazine: UK's Performance Bikes while speed testing the S1000RR at Elvington managed an unprecedented 202 mph. "Our S1000RR remains essentially a standard 1000cc production motorcycle with an off-the-shelf pipe, a sprocket swap and some gaffer tape; it has just broken two hundred miles per hour in one mile from a standing start. Astonishing."




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